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Our Story

Lost Midas (aka Jason) began as an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, producer, & composer (having released albums to critical acclaim on the Tru Thoughts label, in addition to composing music for shows on NBC, CBS, FOX, Netflix, & Showtime). During this time, he became acutely aware of the exploitative practices of the music industry. So in 2016, motivated by a desire to right the wrongs of an antiquated industry, Lost Midas learned to code & begin building apps, stumbling upon Ethereum in the process. Since then, he has designed, built, tested, & deployed multiple web3 applications in the areas of event ticketing, gaming, & e-commerce.

Who We Are

Lost Midas LLC provides web3 product advisory & consulting services. We bring a diverse set of experiences to the table, with a focus on product design, strategy, & execution with regards to DeFi, NFTs, & DAOs. Having seen the growth of web3 from the very beginning, we are well versed in what it takes to create products that deliver value to our customers. We are intimately familiar with web3 best practices in the areas of user experience design, token architecture, & community growth & management. Our goal is to produce best in class results for our clients by leveraging a deep understanding of web3 on both a technical & societal level.

Our Vision

Web3 provides an exit from the traditional banking system by empowering humanity to take back control of their money, data, & ultimately, their freedom. The age of the sovereign individual is upon us. This new age will be powered by web3 technologies, which introduces self-sovereignty to the Internet. Web3 enables true ownership of user data & assets, secured by encryption & verified by distributed consensus. Web3 will provide critical financial infrastructure to enable the metaverse, which we define as a persistent, immersive, & concurrent experience that will span both the digital & physical worlds in ways we can only imagine. The revolution will be decentralized.



NFT Strategy

We can help you launch a successful NFT project. Get your idea from 0 to 1 through community growth & management techniques, sales & distribution mechanics, & novel utility use cases to keep your community engaged for the long term.

DAO Strategy

We can help you build & govern a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). We are well practiced in identifying shared goals, outlining capital requirements, implementing the best in DAO tooling, & helping to establish governance best practices.


Token Strategy

We can help you design your token economy. We have developed a custom framework to identify token model & mechanism design, in addition to surfacing opportunities for business model innovation. Our goal is to produce the optimal token economy for your community.

Product Strategy

We can help you with your product strategy. We will work to understand your strategic position in the market, identify opportunities to innovate, & then outline ways in which to execute this strategy to achieve your desired outcomes.

Treasury Management

We can help you manage your treasury. We leverage the best in DeFi to earn attractive & sustainable yields to maintain the long term health & viability of your treasury. A robust treasury strategy is key to supporting your project for many years to come.


Domain Expertise

We are web3 domain experts, having experienced a wide variety of successes & more importantly, failures.

5 Years of Experience

We bring 5 years of web3 product development to the table.

Industry Connections

We are well connected in the web3 space & are happy to connect our clients with the great people in our network.



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